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  • EasterEvents:
    Collect resurrection eggs, Easter games, and taste Easter snacks ~~~
    March 27, 2016: 2: 30-4: 30 pm
    Number of activities: 30 families of students in each activity
  • Local school "natural spelling" project
    Another successful project of OEC, to create a unique English language environment for children!
  • Warmly celebrate the opening of Dashatou Campus
    OEC Jianqiao Education Dashatou Campus is open, come and experience the atmosphere of foreign teachers and learn English reading in one year.
    Address: 2nd Floor, Liqi Building, No. 49, Ersha Road, Dashatou, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  • In the summer vacation course hot news!
    The annual summer vacation course starts again ~
    Hurry up to consult and reserve a free experience!
  • Weekend activity club activities review
    Flea market: an open-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand
    articles. As the name implies, it is "flea market", Flea, Market.
  • OEC BirthdayParty
    * OEC will provide 3 different event planning programs for parents to choose from, mainly to choose the cartoon characters and venue layout that children like. The decoration items that need to be purchased are paid by the parents, and purchased and arranged by the OEC staff.
    * Due to food safety issues, parents must bring the food, drinks and birthday cake on the birthday party.
    * The number of participants is suitable for more than 15 people. Less than 15 people will affect the arrangement of the game, so we do not accept bookings for birthday parties of less than 15 people.
    * Parents only need to pay 350 yuan for the layout of the venue on the day. OEC will donate to the charity in the name of the child, and will not charge any profits other than the fee.
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